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This bundle deal, you get two necklaces and two keychains.

Marvel's Spiderman logo necklace with ball bead chain.

Spider-Man is the alter-ego of Peter Parker, a talented young freelance photographer and aspiring scientist imbued with superhuman abilities after being bitten by a radioactive/genetically-altered spider.

Length: 2.18" inch (material zinc alloy)
Width: 1.62" inch

Chain length: 23.6" inches


Iron man mask keychain, safely attach your keys to the circular key ring to store all your keys in one place.

Iron Man gets his superpowers from his metallic suit of armor and other technologies invented by his alter ego Tony Stark. Tony is a genius engineer and wealthy owner of a technology company. Tony built the Iron Man suit when he was kidnapped and suffered an injury to his heart.

Length: 2.25" inch
Width: 1.31" inch
Material: Alloy


 Thanos Double-Edged Sword Key Chain made of high quality zinc alloy.

This massive Double-Edged Sword was Thanos' primary weapon during his days as a warlord. Other than a melee weapon, it could also be used as a throwing weapon that returned back to Thanos like a boomerang. The sword was made from an extremely sturdy material, being durable enough to withstand strikes from both Stormbreaker and Mjølnir. It was able to break Captain America's Vibranium Shield after repeatedly striking it, because while the Vibranium is the Earth's strongest metal, the blade of the Double-Edged Sword was made out of something stronger. 

Length: 5.31" Inches
Width: 0.56" Inches
Material: Alloy


Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange time stone necklace with green crystal eye. Rusty dark metal look to it and has a ball bead chain.

The Time Stone was one of the six Infinity Stones, the remnants of singularities that predated the universe. It has the ability to manipulate time, even in places "beyond" time, such as the Dark Dimension.

Length: 1.5" inch (material zinc alloy)
Width: 2.06" inch

Chain length: 23.6" inches